Travel Daily News, Asia Pacific Interview : Chiara Calufetti-Lim (WATG Singapore)

Travel Daily News

October 2017

Chiara Calufetti-Lim (WATG Singapore): Hotels’ needs to be an element of awe, surprise and the sought after ‘Instagram moment’

TravelDailyNews: Why did Marriott International decide to bring the Courtyard brand into Singapore? Which are the latest trends in hotel architecture and design?

Chiara Calufetti-Lim: Hotels will draw more and more on their surroundings for design inspiration, to capture the guest’s attention and imagination so they return. There needs to be an element of awe, surprise and the sought after ‘Instagram moment’.

Lobby design is evolving, lobbies and public spaces in general are now transitional areas that need to be approached and designed in a flexible way. We are seeing less formal front desks and more laid-back tablet check-in options. Lobbies, especially in the urban sector are having to get creative with space, with many becoming an extension of the f&b offering, aiming to move guests out of their rooms and into vibrant, welcoming communal spaces. Spaces to grab a coffee, meet with clients / friends and connect with the local environment.

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