The Rainforest Villas

A guest experience architecturally designed to be naturally at one with the rainforest both inside and out

Rainforest Villas - Langkawi Malaysia WATG Guestroom


Langkawi, Malaysia


1,500 square meters
Five bedroom units

Type / Status

On The Boards, Residential

New Build / Designed

Rainforest Villas - Langkawi Malaysia WATG Interior Reg

Villas designed to tread lightly and with minimal impact featuring swimming and plunge pools, gym, dining area and bar, outdoor living spaces, library and entertainment area.

The vision for the Villas is crafted to embrace the rainforest and also pay homage to traditional Malay culture and history. Patterns and materials have strong ties to the place in order to create a truly authentic destination experience for guests.

Rainforest Villas - Langkawi Malaysia WATG Exterior Reg

The infusion of a soft naturally inspired palette of the interiors and the warmth of the natural wood floor beneath the feet provides a comfortable private retreat floating above the forest floor. Interiors feature naturally sculpted wood that maintains the feeling of preservation and natural state in living spaces of relaxed tranquillity.

Rainforest Villas - Langkawi Malaysia WATG Interior Tall

Extensive use of glass brings the outside in with protection from the elements, bathing everything in sunlight and providing a connection with Mother Nature.