Urban Projects+

Center for Architecture, Design and Education

The Center for Architecture, Design and Education (CADE) is proposed on a small urban site in Downtown Chicago


Chicago, Illinois, USA


251,000 square feet


Type / Status

High-Rise, Mixed-Use, On The Boards, Urban

New Build / Designed

CADE will create a new kind of learning campus, which also acts as a welcome centre for the 600,000 visitors to Chicago each year.

The site is surrounded by tall buildings and is next to the Chicago Transit Authority elevated train system. Due to the cavern-like environment the site is located in, the solution was to centre CADE’s design around an atrium.

The atrium acts as a light well, allowing daylight to penetrate into the center of the building while giving learning space views out to the city. Using natural light to illuminate the interior reduces the energy costs generated by artificial lighting, and creates more inspiring and dynamic spaces for the building’s occupants to use. This is a concept that goes back to the earliest skyscrapers.