Stoke Park Villas

Opulent residences with a Bond-like pizazz meld secretly into the landscape in a privileged location


Buckinghamshire, UK


Eight villas


Eight luxury residences designed for the 21st century in a historic parkland estate. Each villa is designed to take maximum advantage of its prestigious location and affords complete and total privacy.

A harmonious marriage of landscape and architecture that is designed to make it difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. Oriented to follow the path of the sun and offering an abundance of natural light and views over the lake.

Horizontal and transparent the villas rest within nature and provide 360-degree views above it. Natural panoramas at every level draw the eye to the surrounding landscape while maintaining seclusion.

With reference to the historical significance and artistic quality of the landscape, the design has a very light architectural touch. Complementing the location with ingenuity and timeless design with minimum physical impact.