Royal Opera House

A majestic and unique venue conceived distinctly in the grand style of an Omani Palace with modern style and flourish


Muscat, Oman


20 acres
200,000 square foot concert hall with 1,000 seats

Type / Status

Cultural, Top 100

New Build / Built

This prestigious venue in an urban district was created to accommodate 1000 in its concert hall yet also designed to be used for other theatrical and operatic productions. The structure glows in a finish of locally-sourced limestone and stucco.

The outward design features and circulation patterns are a reflection of the grand style seen in modern Omani Palaces. Architectural character that speaks intelligently to the local vernacular.

Visitors experience a splendid entry to the building through an entrance that is backed by tall decorative archways to the main foyer upon which the grand staircase is revealed before them.