Bei Da Hu New Town

An integrated planning vision that transports a small agricultural community to a distinctively modern town of the future

Bei Da Hu New Town Development Aerial WATG


Jilin Province, China


640 hectares


Planning designed to accommodate a growth of a resident population of 8700 people to 20,000 by 2030 attracting 11,000 farmers from the surrounding valleys to take up residence in the town area. Life enhanced and future proofed urbanization through expert planning.

The human scale and appeal of the existing small town retained in the design to ensure regional characteristics are highlighted, human scale respected, and the history of the region preserved. The idea to transform residential living from rural to urban with effort to creating employment opportunities to support the anticipated population.

The introduction of developing modern and specialty agriculture designed carefully to improve the quality of life and generate resident income. With Bei Da Hu Regional Sport Tourism underpinning the foundations of this community, this support town will provide labor led by service oriented industry.

Bei Da Hu New Town Development WATG Six Functional Zone Regional Map

The main focus of the urbanization design is to reduce the differences between the town and the rural areas. Planning that brings big development in the town’s economic, social and cultural aspects, attracting farmers to live in the town, creating a harmonious development between the town and the rural areas, and an integration of the economic and social development framework.