Al Ma'ather Swissotel

Diversity in design that combines traditional and contemporary features forming a bridge between past and present

Al Maather Swissotel Interior1 WATG


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


43,000 square meter site
247 key hotel
102 serviced apartments

Type / Status

Mixed-Use, On The Boards, Urban

New Build / Designed

Al Maather Swissotel Exterior 1 WATG

In a strategic location in the Al Ma’ather district across from the Ministry of Higher Education and adjacent to the Aldara Medical Corporation, the architectural design is focused and programmed to meet the diverse needs of guests and local business.

Al Maather Swissotel Courtyard WATG

The variety of public areas that complement the restaurants, café, ballroom, meeting spaces, spa and fitness facilities are ideal for local business use and visitors alike. All aspects of the design created for both the transitory, mid and long stay residents.

Al Maather Swissotel Aerial WATG

The traditional element, forms, materials and detailing is executed in a clean simple way to form a bridge between the past, present and future. High performance glazing and pre-cast panels manage the climate, resulting in a refined and stylized building with longevity.

Al Maather Swissotel Interior WATG

Linear streetscape and entry design give the building a strong and appealing presence. The Palm Court with its seating tucked into the planting and canopy of palms overhead provides the perfect oasis. The Café Courtyard evokes a botanical gardens with leafy trees and large green plants affording natural privacy for meetings.