Chanchan Jiang

Senior Associate, Senior Landscape Architect

WATG Singapore

Tel +65 6227 2618

Chanchan Jiang

Chanchan has over 12 years of professional experience as a landscape architect and planner. Having trained and worked in China, Hong Kong, the USA and Singapore, she is skilled in conceptualizing ideas and translating them to legible, successful strategies to take forward in the design process in a variety of international settings.

Since joining WATG in 2011, Chanchan has been involved in all phases of a project – from concept to detailed design, developing innovative solutions to site specific issues, and closely collaborating with clients, operators and consultants.

Having led both large- and small-scale projects, her attention to detail and passion for great design brings an innovative approach to each new destination – whether it be a large tract of rural land, creating urban mixed-use developments, luxury resort hotels, or designing intimate garden spaces.

Chanchan holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University, USA, and a Bachelor of Engineering, Landscape Architecture from Beijing Agriculture University, China. She also holds affiliations with the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and is an Accredited Landscape Architect by the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architecture.