Xian Terracotta Warriors

After nearly two years of waiting, the XiAn Terracotta hotel project is ready to start. The site is only a short five-minute walk from the famous Terracotta Warriors at the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The project's location will make it the closest hotel to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, creating the potential for three million visitors annually to have the opportunity to experience the hotel we are about to design.

From 11-15 November, we traveled to the site for a very intensive but fun design workshop. The charrette team members were Ardison Garcia, Carlos Meyer, Craig Takahata, and myself. Special thanks to Todd Nordstrom for providing research of the Qin dynasty and Emperor Qin Shihuang, as well as some conceptual ideas.

This is our client's first hotel development. One of our goals for our client is to differentiate the hotel from all other hotels in the region by applying a unique design approach and creating a bold statement, thus helping to set their hotel apart.

Our team's keyword for this project is "redefine." And the three keywords from our client are "culture," "history," and "modern."

If everything goes as well as our charrette, this will be an amazing project.


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  • Sandro Sasaki
  • Hello, Ruoyun!? One more amazing site project, always e a good and fun responsability to represent the first empire dynasty legacy!?

    Bronze age/weapons, Centralized power and territorial state, Military order and strategy, Expasion and migration, First state level society, Central China over other regions, First wave of cultural and politial assimilation in China.

    Learnings from the great professor archiologist from UHM "Dr. Tinglong Jiao".

    I?d like to see the reflections from the master plan composition to materiality struture of the "New Terracotta Hotel" project.

    best regards,

  • Ruoyun Sun
  • Hi Sandro!

    It?s a project site with overwhelming historical and cultural significances. We feel the pressure and excitement at the same time. Do you know that Emperor Qin Shi Huang immediately began work on his mausoleum upon succession to the throne when he was only 13? Hard to imagine?

    All the best.

  • Sandro Sasaki
  • Hi, Ruoyun!?

    His (father to son) mission and intension seems really to leave a vision/legacy to an united China, formalizing a state of union and respect to its people among other regions.

    Representing the masses as the Terracotta hotel monumentality, the architectural expression must be simple and understandable to the masses versus the super complexity struture that only the experts would the able to understand, accept and appreciate.

    Although, our professional intensions for hotel facilities as luxury meaning only for the previleges as public and privite amenities, indoor and outdoor spaces, it would be great to see an innovative "neutral space so that the visitors which would not be staying on the New Terracotta hotel could experience as well. It would represent the masses as well as the soul and spirit of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang that still remains on site.

    Once again, as you mension, at the early age starting constructing his mausoleum, this neutral would also be understandable for all ages, stimulating the visitors eyes perception (colors), feeling the hotel structure growing from the ground and leading to the heaven. Exposing the inner-struture.

    Best regards,


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